November 13, 2007

The dark side of Mike Huckabee

The national media seems to have a crush on our ex-governor, but here in Arkansas, we know better.

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chukmaty said...

Oh, goodness. Consider the sources of criticism. Extremes of both wings seem to have a problem with this guy. I would consider that to be a good thing because that would set him somewhere in the great in between of sanity.

Also, his responses to critics hardly have shown a thin skinned vindictiveness but instead showed what a wonderful communicator he is. If he lacked those skills earlier in his career then that would show he has grown as a human being. He has disavowed his senate campaign and been the first to acknowledge that the campaign strategy was insincere and flawed. His early mistakes have defined a man of character. I also have heard the first hand accounts of too many people who know him directly and have so for years that have been saying wonderful things about him.

Just my take on this.