November 05, 2007

Ron Paul Army trying to Raise Millions in One Day

By Davy C Rockett

Step right up Step right up to this amazing evolution, the cost is love of Liberty to join this Revolution.

and a Revolutional yearning it is, towards liberty and responsible law abiding small government.

When I went to bed last night I looked at Ron Paul's Contribution widget registering in at 2.8 million, and when I woke up this morning it was at 4.4 million.
The Ron Paul "Money Bomb" was on, as many were refering to Nov.5th., a day supporters chose to see how much money could be raised in one day for their candidate Ron Paul.
Last I looked at 2:30pm PST, it was up around 5.6 million.

As I've been browsing the web, I've heard people talking about a goal set for 10 million today.
Whether or not this is a goal set by the official campaign or not I haven't heard.

If Paul's supporters do raise even 5 to 6 million in one day, I think we all have to start knowing two things.
The media is lying about who the real front runners are, and Ron Paul is a serious top-tier candidate running in the Republican Party for President.

If the media continues to marginalize Paul with the downspeak like " a Libertarian running as a Republican" or the "little known candidate, with little support in polls" that they seem to always mention at almost every interview they do with him or segiment on him.
If the people keep buying their lies all the way up to the 08 election, then we seriously need some education reform in America, because a lot of people don't mind being told how to think by a media that misleads, misinforms, and downright lies.

What will tommorrow bring for this Paul Revolution and what will it bring for the media? Will see.

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