December 05, 2007

Christians for Ron Paul

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AlbertM said...

This is my prayer:

Dear Lord,

I am not sure if you care much about the primary in Iowa, but the Huckabee supporters would argue that you have “a horse in the race” and that obliges you to disregard the petitions that we utter on behalf of Dr. Ron Paul. Some may say that the last time a Baptist occupied the White House you meant it to punish us for our sins. If that’s the case, we will understand if Rev. Huckabee steals (pun intended) the show in Iowa, because our sins are many.

Romney supporters may argue that you have a dilemma because Mitt Romney also believes that the Bible is the Word of God. Now Lord, it gets confusing because to a man these politicians all claim undying loyalty and devotion to your Word. Dr. Paul wasn’t included in the last survey, but more on him later. He does seem to get the silent treatment from the Pharisees and Chief Priests, but the publican and sinners hear him gladly. There are even some women of ill-repute who have figuratively speaking anointed his feet with oil. We know you won’t hold that against him, because you too had a problem once with the establishment, but you spoke kindly of the prostitutes and tax collectors. We might as well be honest here. Dr. Paul doesn’t mind tax collectors, but he sure has a problem with their bad habits.

I’m digressing as always. To stress that Huckabee is the only Christian horse in the race and thereby prejudice Romney’s chances of any consideration from on high, his supporters would point to the fact that the Bible specifically excludes any appendices or updates to the Book of Revelation, and thereby question Romney’s resolve. While the Baptists and Mormons duke it out, we would ask that you do a miracle for us. Dr. Paul does not wear his religion on his sleeve (nor does Mr. Romney, to his credit), and so, but for the fact that you are omniscient, you might not even know that Dr. Paul is in the race.

Here’s my earnest prayer: For the most part, the people in Iowa follow the council of the chief priests and the temple guard when it comes to casting their votes in a primary. This really puts our man, Dr. Ron Paul, at a huge disadvantage. Nothing short of a miracle will pull him through in Iowa. I know you specialize in miracles, although the kind of miracle I’m asking for will not go down well among the religious establishment in Iowa. However, I also know that you do at times put down the mighty and exalt those of low degree. Please, do it for Dr. Paul in Iowa.

In the matchless name of Jesus,