January 05, 2008

After Iowa should Rudy Giuliani drop out

With Rudy only gaining 3% or 4% of the vote in Iowa, and New Hampshire polls not looking to kind on him as well, should the Giuliani campaign take the hint and drop out of the race for President in 2008.

It doesn't seem Americans are digging Rudy. He may have been dubbed "America's Mayor", but Americans in Iowa as well as other states around the Union are not dubbing him "America's Next President". He's out of money, and it appears before the race barely got under way, his campaign is losing steam in convincing Americans, he's the ticket for America's surmounting problems at home and abroad.

Will FOX News exclude their boy, Rudy from further debates when he receives another miserable showing in New Hampshire, and I predict other early primary states. I don't think so.

You think this would be the news headlines out of Iowa of Giuliani possibly being out of the race. Not so.

If the field has to narrow in the race for the Republican nomination like many have suggested, I would start looking Rudy's way after these first few primaries.

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Frank Staheli said...

I wish he would, but I think he won't. Rudi is on my "can't support under any circumstances" list, along with Clinton, Thompson, and McCain.