January 15, 2008

Ron Paul gets 78% in national poll!!!

This a poll that I put up on my blog a while back and Paul is polling 78% so far.
I call it a national poll because from the stats I check on my blog people are coming from all over the US.
Yes were not AOL, CNN, or a Fox but it is a poll.

I mainly put up this article to see if the headline would get traction, and get a alternate message out in public to counter the misinformation the MSM media puts out on the campaign trail about Paul on a daily basis never failing to mention his "little" support, or a "longshot".
The poll is on the left column in middle of our blog page entitled "Whose your choice for President in 2008". Feel free to take the poll.

Go to www.ronpaul2008.com to learn more about Paul

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