February 26, 2008

America: Largest debtor nation in the world

I'm here to inform the Christian world...
As the largest debtor nation in the world, America is far from being blessed by God.
In fact some Christian leaders would say were reaping what we've sown.
"Blow back" as described by the CIA is descending on America like the plagues of Egypt. Entangling foreign policies over the last century has left us weaker at home and abroad, with trillions in debt, that our grandchildren won't be to payoff.
America's domestic policies have created a society addicted to the quick fixes of government's "feed me for a day" programs, that now has extended to epidemic proportions of "fixing up" non US citizens as well.

In America we feel good when we give the world these same styled programs or aids(socialism, which we can't even afford for ourselves) claiming good Christian charity, while our government gets a foothold into a third world, to often exploit and police that nation's people and resources.
Then were told this is the New World Order of globalism. Buzz words blare across all forms of media, like global economy, global markets, global community, etc...

How do we turn around in America?
That's it, we need to turn 180, I would even go as far to say America needs to repent of it's wicked socialist ways and return to being a free Constitutional Republic, for the people, by the people.
(A small almost non existent federal constitutional government.)

If we say God does bless America, then we evidently believe in a God who is weak and penniless.

As a Christian I am fed up with out of control, unconstitutional, lawless federal government entangling itself where it was never meant to be. I want America to be blessed again. We should be at the top of the lendor nation list.
To get there politically, we will have to elect leaders who will obey the law of the land in any crisis, and we will have to not live in fear of our enemies to the point of sacrificing our laws of freedom.

Below is a link to the CIA's own factbook which states America is the largest debtor nation in a list of 100 or so countries in the world, many of which we give millions of foreign aid to.

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