March 24, 2008

Has John Hagee of Cornerstone coverted?

from Christianity.
Hagee seem to be saying Jesus isn't the Messiah, as a promotion of his new book "In Defense of Israel" as he has stated in the quotes below from his video book promo.
"Jesus did not come to Earth to BE the Messiah."
"Jesus refused by word and deed to be the Messiah."
"The Jews cannot be blamed for not accepting what was never offered."

Hagee has clearly been a proponent of the US pre-emptively striking Iran, before they get nuclear weapons or supposedly bombs Israel.

Hagee must believe the USA was forged to be Israel's protector, although Israel can't seem to protect itself because of US and UN involvement in the Middle East.
People often misinterpet the Bible where it says those that bless Israel will be blessed by God.
We'll I have news for those who've been blindly led, America funding both sides of the conflict in the Middle East, and tieing the hands of Israel, is not only manipulative but far from blessing Israel.
America has intervened in so many place around the world where it should never have that America is far from being blessed as the largest debtor nation in the world.
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