April 23, 2008

Today's Christian Leadership needs revival

I hate to chide supposedly one of our own, but Pat Robertson's kooky politics is enough to call him out on his hypocracies.
He runs a segiment on how some gay millionaire is funding state politics around the nation, yet Pat was the one who came out for homosexual supporting presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, at a time when there were still 8 candidates closer to the values we share as Christians, at Pat's endorsement of Rudy.
At the end of the segiment Pat explains no one in the Christian community is combatting this activist.

Hey Pat,... It doesn't help our cause when the Christian Leadership in America (that's you Pat) supports the most liberal gay and abortion supporting Republican right off the bat, and you wonder where Christians are on this subject. We were kind of puzzled where you stood then.

With Christian leaders like yourself being wishy washy on certain issues why would the majority of "freed-thinking" Christians follow leaders so confused.

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We need leaders who we can look up to and have the consistency in their political views, with that of the values our Savior, Jesus Christ.
No leaders whatsoever have I found amongst the elitist of the Evangelical Christian community, who have the wisdom or courage to endorse the right candidate in this presidential election of 2008.

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