December 08, 2007

Ron Paul: Libertarian or Republican?

I find it absurd and funny that the media refers to Paul as a Libertarian in attempts to marginalize him from the public as some looney third party nutjob, when Ron Paul has served in congress for ten - two year terms as a Republican in his state of Texas.

Somehow running once for President under the Libertarian Party in 1988,(the year the first Bush ran for the Presidency), makes Paul a fringe libertarian candidate running as a Republican.

So to the media ten is less than one.

Now I haven't heard the media once ask Rudy or Mitt if they are running for the wrong party, or ask why Rudy has stated he is not a Republican.

In this day of the old media lying, dying, and turning into unreliable tabloid media, it's no wonder most people are turning to the internet to find the truth out about Paul's record of conservatism, with libertarian leanings as well as Constitutional ones.
They're finding out that they have a law abiding statesman running for them, rather than some kook fringe third party candidate the "bought and paid for" media trys to portray him to be.

Also the people see more clearly the lawbreaking big government political types who are "out of touch with reality" and are morally unstable. These are the politicians, who think the US spending spree "credit card" is still good to use with 9 trillion in national debt and way over the credit limit.

Thank God for the refreshing spirit and ideas of the "Champion of the Constitution", statesmen Ron Paul, who truly represent conservative values.
I would rather vote Paul under the Libertarian label, than for debt loving, spending spree socialists, like Rudy or Hillary.

Our debt and spending is America's biggest threat to our national security.

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